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Christine Babu

Christine Babu

Founder & Compliance Office

Christine Babu is the CEO and Founder of Babu Healthcare Advocates

Christine has worked in the healthcare field for over 18 years specializing in Healthcare Compliance in the areas of: Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial health insurance. 

She has worked as a leader in the nations leading healthcare companies, and prides herself as being a champion for quality and accessible healthcare, healthcare transparency and patient advocacy. 

In 2017, Christine’s healthcare career took a major turn, as she was faced with the agonizing face of corruption within the healthcare industry. At the time, Christine was a Sr. Director of Compliance at a Managed Service Organization. She immediately had to decide between standing up for millions of patients, walking away or looking the other side. Christine, chose to stand up. To stand up to what was an agregious scheme aimed at limiting the approval of healthcare services to millions of patients.  

As a result of her relentless and fearless work with State and Federal authorities, the State ordered the care of the millions of patients to be redirected to other healthcare organizations capable of meeting the patients needs, as a result, the Managed Service Organization closed its doors. 

Christine is an expert in healthcare laws and regulations, and a passionate advocate of patients rights. 

In her free time, Christine enjoys: a good work out, traveling, reading, writing, volunteering, spending time with family including her two daughters and the family dog named “Cappi.” Christine is also a sucker for good clothes, shoes or handbags. She also loves trying out different foods from different ethnic backgrounds and so much more. 

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